Refreshing Options 2 Go

24-Hour Fresh Food and Deli Coffee Shop Experience

When you are looking for a revolutionary offering for your workplace, look no further than a Refreshing Options 2 Go Micro Market. This offers your staff high-quality, deli-fresh food options, coffee shop-style drinks, and more than 200 confectionery, crisp, drink, and meal solutions to choose from. The Micro Market can be adapted to suit almost any location and workforce to meet both you and your staff’s needs.

Monitored 24/7 via CCTV equipment, the application is intelligently managed by the Refreshing Options 2 Go team, who regularly replenish stock to keep everything fresh.

Ideal for Offices, Call Centres, and Factories

With more and more companies moving to satellite business parks and also flexible shift or work patterns, this often limits the options that you, an employer, can offer. Employees are either limited to a catering facility with restricted facility or a backup vending machine for out-of-hour workers that offers more simple options.

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Quality Food in an Instant

The Refreshing Options 2 Go solution is an award-winning, revolutionary food concept that offers fresh, chilled, and frozen products, which can be consumed on site or at home. There is no need to employ any staff to operate this facility.

Benefits of a Micro Market

There are numerous benefits to operating a Refreshing Options 2 Go Micro Market in your workplace. These include:

  • All Shift and Work Patterns Have Access to Healthy, Fresh Food Items 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

  • Improves Staff Morale and Wellbeing

  • Reasonable Prices for Top-Quality Products including Coffee Shop-Style Drinks and Fresh Food Regularly Delivered

  • Offers Halal and Gluten-Free Options, and Offers Other Dietary Requirements

  • Tailored Packages to Suit Any Location and Workforce

  • Accepts Notes, Credit/Debit, Biometric, and Mobile Phone Payment Systems

  • Optional Extras Such as Non-Card Holder

  • Visitor or Contractor Features Available

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