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The features are as follows:

  • Extensive Selection of up to 12 Drinks to Cater for Varying Tastes in Either Your Own Cup or a Plastic One

  • Fast Vend Time - Suitable for a Busy Work Environment

  • Build a Drink Interface

  • Clear Information, Ensuring It Is Easy to Use

  • Surevend Infrared Cup Sensor - Enabling Customers to Use Their Own Mug

  • 7oz or 9oz Selections

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The features are as follows:

  • Available with 9 or 11 Instant Hot Drink Selections in Paper or Your Own Cup

  • Simple, Single-Button Vend Ideal for Self-Service

  • High-Speed Dispense with Whipping Time, Ensuring Optimised Presentation

  • Choice of Jugs, Extensions, and Optional Storage Cabinet

  • Available in Carbon Neutral

  • Can Be Fitted to Take Coins and Most Card Systems

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The features are as follows:

  • Superb Touch Screen

  • High-Quality Milk Foamer

  • Limitless Beverage Options

  • Easy to Clean

  • Simple to Use

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The features are as follows:

  • Speciality Coffees of the Highest Quality

  • Digital Boiler Temperature Control with Display

  • Autofill Boiler

  • Inbuilt Grinder

  • Group Handles to Ensure the Purest Ingredients and Taste

  • Compact and Ideal for Where Space is Limited

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The features are as follows:

  • Patented Touch Screen Drink Selection Technology

  • Coffee Shop Drink Range

  • Extra Shot Facility

  • I-Detect Guaranteed Vend System

  • Icon-Driven User Interface for Ease of Use

  • Options for Cash or Most Cashless Applications

  • Perfect Application for Any Office, Reception, Bar, Office, Showroom, or Kitchen

  • Base Cabinet Optional

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