Cold Beverage Machines


The features are as follows:

  • Available in a 35 or 45 Selection Option

  • Mechanical Arm to Enhance Vend Quality and Speed

  • 1 In 39000 Vends Fault Rate

  • Able to Vend Cans, Plastic, and Glass Bottles if Required

  • Refrigerated to Ensure the Drinks Are Cool

  • LED-Lit Display Window

  • Optional Extra That Machine Will Also Accept Notes, Work with Most Cashless Systems, and is Compatible with Most Biometric Systems, which is Ideal for Schools, Academies, Colleges, Universities, and Business Locations

More Information
The Bevmax is the go-to machine when you are looking for a cold drink dispenser. The vend process is controlled by a mechanical arm that ensures products are not damaged during the vending process. It is a greener and more reliable and technologically advanced machine than ever seen before with market-leading vend speed.

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