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Say Hi to Chai, our latest innovation

Collaboration is the name of our game here at Options Management, and – over our 30 year-long history – it’s where all the best innovations have begun. The basis of…

Serving up stylish vending areas

Fancy a drink? Whether we are at home or away, there’s something soothing about eating and drinking. Taking a break for refreshments is a bit of a treat, a time…

Warm, tasty AND low calorie

Feeling hot, hot, hot Brrrr, it’s been a cold old start to the year, and there’s nothing more soothing on a freezing day than a hot chocolate. No surprise then,…

Vending website refreshed and ready to serve up Options

We work hard to continually serve our clients with the freshest vending innovations, machines and ingredients. As we evolved our product lines and services, we just kept adding and adding…

We’ll find the right brew for you

Decisions, decisions… do you want a flat white, a latte, flavoured latte, skinny latte, hot chocolate or simply a good old brew?   Everyone has their own idea of the…


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