We are delighted to announce that Options Management Ltd has acquired Hilton Lane Associates Ltd T/a Boxlogix

I hope you will share our excitement as we share a joined aspiration of providing quality services to our clients with a can-do approach

Hilton Lane Associates Ltd T/a Boxlogix wholesales a wide selection of snack and drinks to the education and leisure sector across the UK.

Options Management Ltd was formed in 1990 offering refreshing vending solutions and has grown into a leading multi-million pound independent vending business who are also the greenest vending company in the
UK. The acquisition of Hilton Lane Associates t/a Boxlogix will sit within the Options Group of Companies which already includes Recycling Options Ltd – a fully reverse vending service providing a closed loop approach to
recycling plastics, paper and plastic cups and cans supplied by Options Management; and Refreshing Options To Go Ltd – a fully automated 24/7 fresh food and deli coffee shop and catering facility

This is a very exciting opportunity for both businesses. Both companies have similar cultures and synergies and share a passion for providing excellent goods and services. The acquisition will see us in a very strong
position to continue providing a high standard of service to our clients and enhance our already established company and brand. Options Management will be able to offer Hilton Lane Associates clients a wide range of equipment including coffee systems, fridges and recycling machines tailored for the education and leisure sector

With the ongoing and inevitable changes within our market, such as the importance of healthy eating and recycling, we are jointly positioned to offer a unique closed loop service for schools, colleges and leisure
centres, encouraging the recycling of all cans, bottles and paper cups, which we believe is a powerful and sustainable offering to all our customers.

The new company will be known as Options Management t/a Boxlogix Ltd

Further details can be obtained from Paul Ure – Group Managing Director on 01782 629 888 or

Options Management t/a Boxlogix Limited. Options House, Maries Way, Silverdale Business Park,
Silverdale, Newcastle, Staffs. ST5 6PA
Tel: 01782 629 888 Fax: 01782 629 333
Company Reg. No: 2864154 VAT Reg. No. 328 4301 19

Options Management Recycling Equipment Big Hit is Scotland!

Our MD Paul Ure was excited to meet Nicola Sturgeon at the Scottish Grocers Federation Conference in Glasgow today. The First Minister of Scotland was impressed by the capacity and versatility of our Envipco Flex, the RVM with the smallest footprint on the market for collecting plastic bottles and cans for the Deposit Return Scheme.

Options Management’s Reverse Vending hits the Headlines!

Options Management hit the headlines recently when the Sentinel newspaper featured an article in their business section sharing an overview of the company and highlighting our Reverse Vending equipment and the trials we are running with the Co-op at major music festivals this summer. Please find below a link to the story. 

Keurig Pods: Keep Your Customers Satisfied, Get Your Pods From Options!

Keurig Pods: Yes, it’s true: thanks to a moment of genius from The Boss, we can supply you with Keurig pods at pretty much the same price you paid when you bought direct.


Alright my ducks, it’s Ranting Roger here.

As I sat down to write these witty words of wisdom it was coffee time here at Options and as enjoyed my elevenses, (a delicious Starbucks from Keurig, by the way; black, no sugar), it occurred to me that I wasn’t alone… Now steady on: I’m not suggesting that the ghost of Christmas past joined me for quick cuppa, it was just that I found myself wondering how many other people, just like me, working in offices all over the UK, were also having a coffee made from a single-serve machine?

Keurig Pods

Black please, no sugar

I see things in black and white, me; and I reckon that, if you’re in the coffee business, you’d be off your rocker to supply a single serve solution that wasn’t a Keurig.

Keurig Pods

You see, the trouble with other pods we could mention is that any Tom Dick or Daisy can buy them at any supermarket; and while that may be convenient for them, it’s a pain in the donkey for us; because it means we lose a sale. We can’t sell them something and make a decent margin when they can get the very same thing next door cheaper than we can buy it, now can we?

Keurig Pods

Don’t get me started on the subject of Flavia…

Keurig pods was the answer because it meant repeat pod business for us. So, when those Keurig chaps decided to take their ball and go home, they might have left a lot of us in the lurch, high and dry; up manure creek sans paddle. I for one would have been pretty cross about that. I mean, here at Options, we spent a lot of time convincing bosses of small firms to forego the Flavia* when they decided that a kettle and a jar of instant didn’t cut the mustard any more. ‘Single serve pod machine’, we told them. ‘That’s what you need for a brill brew at a peachy price’. To be fair, after a single cup of the good stuff, most of them took our advice and chose Keurig.


So sorted, in fact, that it was heart-breaking to see them go: but that’s before ‘he who must be obeyed’ had a brainwave. ‘Roger’, he said, ‘I’m going to do a deal to become the official, legally recognised UK distributor of Keurig Pods. That way, customers who just bought a Keurig machine from us won’t feel let down and what’s more, they’ll carry on buying their pods from us, because it’d be too much of a nuisance to get them from anywhere else.’

Now it’s not often The Boss has a genius idea like that, but fair’s fair, credit where it’s due and all that.

So, that’s what we’ve done. We’ve got ourselves a deal with Keurig. It means you can carry on serving your Keurig customers, because you can get your pods from us. Remember, they’re pretty much the same price from Options as they were when you paid direct.

To quote Mr. Brown of Hot Chocolate, ‘everyone’s a winner, baby.’

So, think on: Keurig may have retreated to Quebec, but they left a lot of machines behind them, and they left a lot of people that were sold on them. So let’s do everybody a favour by continuing to supply the pods they need.

Get yours from us. Now. You know it makes sense.

*Don’t even get me started on the subject of Flavia! Grrr! I mean, we sell the machines for them and then they only go and miss us out by selling the drinks direct to our customers? I mean, what’s that all about?

Rant over.

If you have a friend or a colleague that you think would enjoy getting Rogered! on a regular basis, get them to subscribe, here.





We’re running a special offer on all things Keurig, you can get the details HERE
On your coffee break now? Every One’s A Winner, HERE on YouTube



Everyone’s a Winner at LACA!

Thank you to everyone who came to speak to us at the LACA exhibition. We had a great week catching up with old friends and doing business with new customers from the educational catering sector with our Free School Compliant Drinks Fridges and Recycling Units for bottles and cans proving particularly popular. Below are Sue Smith (Doncaster Schools), Koran Hurst (HC3S) and Paula Blachard (Taylor Shaw) who were winners of Options Management prizes on the H2O Educatering “Wheel of Fortune” competition collecting their winnings from our stand.



Vending Industry helps NHS England achieve 1 million reduction in Sugary Drinks!

NHS England Hospital Trusts are to receive a cash boost after slashing the amount of sugary drinks they sell. Sales of sugar drinks accounted for 15.6% of drinks sold in hospital shops and vending equipment in July 2017, this was reduced to 8.7% in March 2018 in 9 out of 10 Trusts after NHS England boss Simon Stevens ordered hospital chiefs to “get their house in order”. The reduction in Sugary Drinks sold is equivalent to 1.1 million cans of Coke, 10 million teaspoons of sugar or 160 million Calories.
Options Management Ltd has been helping our customers in the NHS meet these targets by offering low sugar and sugar free drinks compliant with NHS England CQUIN national goals for improving patient care.

Recycling Options Brings Reverse Vending to UK Festivals!

The Co-op has annouced today that it will be working with Recycling Options and Envipco to bring Reverse Vending equipment for plastic bottles to UK music festivals for the first time. “Pop Up” Stores will be used to trial a Deposit Return Scheme for plastic bottles allowing fesitval goers at Download, Latitude and Reading and Leeds to deposite their bottle for recycling in the Reverse Vending machine and in return receive a voucher to spend in stores on-site. Please find a press release from the Co-op annoucning the move.

Co-op Festival RV.png