Options Management are the greenest vending company in the UK and are the only business in the industry to process cans, bottles, and plastic and paper cups into 100% recycled products.

Should any provider of your vending machines suggest you call Save a Cup, you know you are in good hands with our unique, close-loop recycling concept.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

At Options Management, we don’t just say we recycle - we do it. Watch our video to see how we organise your cans, plastic bottles, and cups for the better. We are also the first to collect your paper cups and process all the recycled material into high-quality fibreboard.

All of our products are fully processed in the UK while making sure that we continually aim to reduce our carbon footprint. One way in which Options Management implements strategy towards sustainability is through a company called Save a Cup, who we acquired ownership of in 2012.

About Save a Cup

Options Management acquired Save A Cup. Save A Cup was initially established in 1990 by the vending, catering, and plastic industries to capitalise on the opportunity of recycling the millions of containers dispensed from vending machines around the UK every year.

Here at Options Management, we pride ourselves on being the only vending company that offers this service. Our processes have been proven by winning recognised awards for innovation and concept, including the ‘Auto Vending Award for Greenest Vending Company 2012’.

Contact us to find out more about our recycling process as well as quality vending machines.