Reverse Vending Vouchers Incentivise Recycling, Reward Customers & Increase Revenue

Consumers returning used containers for recycling at reverse vending facilities purchased 52% more from associated stores. Source: The Euro Survey

What is Reverse Vending ?

The Term refers to consumers inserting an empty single use PET bottle or drinks can into a vending machine and getting a cash return i.e. a reverse of traditional beverage vending machines.

The technology to do this is very advanced and relies on laser and camera technologies to 100% identify and count all types and sizes of beverage containers.

The Technology also compacts the material for storage efficiency and back-end logistics

In what markets is Reverse vending used?

Traditionally in legislated bottle deposit markets where consumers return empty containers to retailers/stores to reclaim the deposit they paid when the full goods were purchased.


Extra Large Display

High resolution colour LCD provides clear and easy to read graphics and text.

Ring Scanner

Ring scanner container identification system literally wraps around the container providing ULTRA fast container recognition.

Illuminated In-Feed

Red and green indicator LED’s change colours to indicate machine readiness.

ADA Compliant

48” (122cm) high in-feed and receipt dispenser. Well within arms reach for individuals in wheelchairs or motorised shopping carts.


New compaction technology flattens aluminium cans and plastic bottles; crushes or soft drops whole glass bottles


Increased storage capacity reduces bin changes.


Set your business above the competition and meet ADA compliance requirements by serving the special needs of all consumers.

ultra specs

An efficient, easy to use, cost-effective way to handle empty beverage containers. Its compact size and low cost means it will fit your location and your budget. Plus, the breakthrough compaction delivers the industry’s best container densification – allowing for 900 container storage!

flex specs

Extra Large Display

High resolution colour LCD provides clear and easy to read graphics.


100% cash control, no shrinkage

Multi-Laser Scanner

Fast and accurate deposit accounting

Easy Installation

Roll into position and plug in!

Dual Commodity Storage

Holds over 900 containers

Contemporary Styling

Scratch resistant upper door with attractive colour and surface. Appeals to consumers and simplifies maintenance.

quantum leap

“The Quantum’s unique back of house operating system allows it to be situated out of store, creating a community Recycling Hub.”

High-Capacity Storaged

Inside installations store between 6,000 and 10,000 containers. Outdoor configurations can handle up to 60,000!

Bespoke Branding

Bespoke branding is available on our machines to match your company.

Extra Large Display

A 17″ high-resolution color LCD provides simple instructions with graphics and text. The Quantum also offers a touch-screen option.

Fast & Clean

Customers never have to touch the containers. They just empty their bags into a large tray and the RVM does the rest. The tray also comes with an easy-to-clean insert, making life easy for the maintenance personnel.

Sorting Accuracy & Reliability

Multiple cameras and sensors recognize eloigible aluminium and PET containers and track them to ensure redemption accuracy. A guided air jet array ensures precise sorting and rejects full containers and other heavy unwanted items.

The Charity Option

Customers can be given the option to donate to charity by using a button on the front of the machine, they then receive a thank you receipt and the monetary value is forwarded to the charity periodically.

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