Keurig Pods: Keep Your Customers Satisfied, Get Your Pods From Options!

Keurig Pods: Yes, it’s true: thanks to a moment of genius from The Boss, we can supply you with Keurig pods at pretty much the same price you paid when you bought direct.


Alright my ducks, it’s Ranting Roger here.

As I sat down to write these witty words of wisdom it was coffee time here at Options and as enjoyed my elevenses, (a delicious Starbucks from Keurig, by the way; black, no sugar), it occurred to me that I wasn’t alone… Now steady on: I’m not suggesting that the ghost of Christmas past joined me for quick cuppa, it was just that I found myself wondering how many other people, just like me, working in offices all over the UK, were also having a coffee made from a single-serve machine?

Keurig Pods

Black please, no sugar

I see things in black and white, me; and I reckon that, if you’re in the coffee business, you’d be off your rocker to supply a single serve solution that wasn’t a Keurig.

Keurig Pods

You see, the trouble with other pods we could mention is that any Tom Dick or Daisy can buy them at any supermarket; and while that may be convenient for them, it’s a pain in the donkey for us; because it means we lose a sale. We can’t sell them something and make a decent margin when they can get the very same thing next door cheaper than we can buy it, now can we?

Keurig Pods

Don’t get me started on the subject of Flavia…

Keurig pods was the answer because it meant repeat pod business for us. So, when those Keurig chaps decided to take their ball and go home, they might have left a lot of us in the lurch, high and dry; up manure creek sans paddle. I for one would have been pretty cross about that. I mean, here at Options, we spent a lot of time convincing bosses of small firms to forego the Flavia* when they decided that a kettle and a jar of instant didn’t cut the mustard any more. ‘Single serve pod machine’, we told them. ‘That’s what you need for a brill brew at a peachy price’. To be fair, after a single cup of the good stuff, most of them took our advice and chose Keurig.


So sorted, in fact, that it was heart-breaking to see them go: but that’s before ‘he who must be obeyed’ had a brainwave. ‘Roger’, he said, ‘I’m going to do a deal to become the official, legally recognised UK distributor of Keurig Pods. That way, customers who just bought a Keurig machine from us won’t feel let down and what’s more, they’ll carry on buying their pods from us, because it’d be too much of a nuisance to get them from anywhere else.’

Now it’s not often The Boss has a genius idea like that, but fair’s fair, credit where it’s due and all that.

So, that’s what we’ve done. We’ve got ourselves a deal with Keurig. It means you can carry on serving your Keurig customers, because you can get your pods from us. Remember, they’re pretty much the same price from Options as they were when you paid direct.

To quote Mr. Brown of Hot Chocolate, ‘everyone’s a winner, baby.’

So, think on: Keurig may have retreated to Quebec, but they left a lot of machines behind them, and they left a lot of people that were sold on them. So let’s do everybody a favour by continuing to supply the pods they need.

Get yours from us. Now. You know it makes sense.

*Don’t even get me started on the subject of Flavia! Grrr! I mean, we sell the machines for them and then they only go and miss us out by selling the drinks direct to our customers? I mean, what’s that all about?

Rant over.

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