Green Vending Machine Company

Greenest Vending Machine Company in the UK

At Options Management, our CSR is an important aspect that crucially dictates the manner in which we run our operations. The subject of CSR has been gradually gaining momentum, and for good reason.

Our processes, products, and services all have implications on the environment we operate in, and it is our responsibility to ensure that the amount of negative effects we create are manageable and minimal.

We also endeavour to become carbon-neutral and uses as many machines that fit into this category as possible.

This responsibility does not just lie with us. We make sure that the suppliers we work with also place high importance on the subject of sustainability. This support network ensures that sustainable companies working together, making it a near necessity to act in a socially responsible manner.

Options Management is at the forefront of innovation in the field of sustainable growth. One way we do this is through the introduction of a new service package for customers to install, service, and maintain automatic recycling machines, collect recovered materials, process them, and guarantee that they are recycled by leading industry plants across the UK through our sister company Recycling Options.

For more details, please browse the information on recycling.

Auto-Vending Award for Greenest Vending Company 2012

This accolade is given to the company in the vending sector that has done more than any other to deliver environmental initiatives. A panel of independent industry experts assess the entries and scores them across different criteria including originality, commercial viability, and their potential to make a different to the vending industry.

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