Table Top Machines for Hot Drinks

These are all available as table top options or with a base unit. There can also be brand support including add-ons such as branded cups and fascias, so please get in touch to find out more.


The features are as follows:

  • In-Touch Patented Technology

  • Smoked Glass Contemporary Finish

  • LED-Lit Cup Area

  • USB Interface

  • Go-Large Facility

  • Instant, Bean-to-Cup, and Espresso Duo Machines Are Available in the Range

  • Free Vend, Coins, and Cashless Payment Systems Available

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Combining stunning design and proven robust technology, the Vitro range is at the cutting edge of hot drink dispense systems. The contemporary feel comes from the smoked glass and angular design, which makes for an all-round top-end machine when combined with the high-quality drinks produced. This model is ideal for:

  • Fast Food Outlets

  • Offices

  • Reception Areas

  • Board Rooms


The features are as follows:

  • Extensive Selection of up to 12 Drinks to Cater for Varying Tastes in Either Your Own Cup or a Plastic One

  • Fast Vend Time - Suitable for a Busy Work Environment

  • Build a Drink Interface

  • Clear Information, Ensuring It Is Easy to Use

  • Surevend Infrared Cup Sensor - Enabling Customers to Use Their Own Mug

  • 7oz or 9oz Selections

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This table top vending machine has been designed to have both a large cup canister and large ingredient capacity meaning it is ideal for any office, conference centre, restaurant, or café. The delicious, thirst-quenching selections are available 24/7 in an instant, fresh brew, or bean-to-cup option.


The features are as follows:

  • Available with 9 or 11 Instant Hot Drink Selections in Paper or Your Own Cup

  • Simple, Single-Button Vend Ideal for Self-Service

  • High-Speed Dispense with Whipping Time, Ensuring Optimised Presentation

  • Choice of Jugs, Extensions, and Optional Storage Cabinet

  • Available in Carbon Neutral

  • Can Be Fitted to Take Coins and Most Card Systems

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The Vision range is the ideal table top solution for any front-of-house self-service vending machine in a restaurant, hotel, bar, or office. The outstanding quality of the build along with industry-leading reliability means this machine is suitable to almost any application where high=quality drinks are needed in the fastest possible time.


The features are as follows:

  • Superb Touch Screen

  • High-Quality Milk Foamer

  • Limitless Beverage Options

  • Easy to Clean

  • Simple to Use

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We offer a complete range of Franke systems that is too vast to show all of the features. However, here is the Franke Foam Master that is available in various formats of hot beverages with the complete beverage system. This is fully capable of making both hot and cold frappes and milkshakes at the touch of a button.


The features are as follows:

  • Speciality Coffees of the Highest Quality

  • Digital Boiler Temperature Control with Display

  • Autofill Boiler

  • Inbuilt Grinder

  • Group Handles to Ensure the Purest Ingredients and Taste

  • Compact and Ideal for Where Space is Limited

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The Markus is your stereotypical coffee machine and will make any barista’s job much easier. The high quality of the Markus means that it is a great application for any café, bistro, or bar that aims to look the part and supply customers with top-of-the-range coffees.


The features are as follows:

  • Patented Touch Screen Drink Selection Technology

  • Coffee Shop Drink Range

  • Extra Shot Facility

  • I-Detect Guaranteed Vend System

  • Icon-Driven User Interface for Ease of Use

  • Options for Cash or Most Cashless Applications

  • Perfect Application for Any Office, Reception, Bar, Office, Showroom, or Kitchen

  • Base Cabinet Optional

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The contemporary design of the Zen ensures that it is easy on the eye while still producing coffee shop-quality drinks through the use of the latest touch screen technology. The compact nature of the machine, when combined with its wide range of drinks, means that the Zen is suitable for almost any application. The stunning ebony gloss-finished dispenser is available in single fresh brew tea, espresso with leaf tea or bean-to-cup options.

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