We’ll find the right brew for you

Decisions, decisions… do you want a flat white, a latte, flavoured latte, skinny latte, hot chocolate or simply a good old brew?


Everyone has their own idea of the perfect drink and with ever-expanding choices to suit every taste, finding the right vending machine for the workplace can seem a daunting task.


Let’s look at the key options to consider.


Location, location, location

Where will your machine be situated? Where there’s limited space, opt for a table-top machine. For an open-plan reception or staff canteen where there’s plenty of room to gather, sit down and enjoy a brew, think about a whole wall of free-standing food and drink vending machines or even a micro market?

When thinking about a location make sure you consider power and water supply too.


Money, money, money

Will you free vend, or are you wanting to use your drinks provision as an additional income stream? We have lots of experience in optimising ingredients to please everyone whilst also providing the best monetary returns. Choose a cash-free, contactless payment option or pre-payment cards to make things easier for your users and comply with covid transmission best practice.


Ceramic, Paper, Plastic
Don’t be a mug when it comes to cup choice! Many of our machines allow people to use their own cups and have adjustable dispensing heights to accommodate taller mugs, perfect for thirsty latte drinkers. Make sure you consider facilities for people to wash and store their own ceramic cups. We’d encourage recycled and recyclable cups wherever the use of ceramic cups is impractical. Talk to us about recycling at the point of purchase and reverse vending to minimise your carbon footprint.


All the options
For best value and quickness we have some exceptional instants. Whilst for the more discerning drinkers who prefer their beverages fresh brewed, put fresh coffee beans, leaf tea and fresh milk on the menu. Try to incorporate healthy options too from delicious low calorie hot chocolate, sweeteners, skimmed milk and low-fat creamers and real fruit juice based cold drinks


It all adds up
How many people will you typically be serving? How many drinks are usually consumed in a day? Does the drinks demand ebb and flow or is continual action around the clock what you need? Machines can go into eco mode for periods of low usage, saving power yet still vending hot drinks in an instant on demand! Doing the maths in advance will add up to a machine that matches your exact requirements.


Whatever your ‘Options’, we’ll soon have you up and running and can even demonstrate machines that brew personalised drinks to perfection, every time. Let’s chat, call us on 01782 629888.