A refreshing new approach to work-based breaks

As the well-known saying goes, an army marches on its stomach, and that analogy can be applied when it comes to providing refreshments for your workforce. With the increase in shift-working and round-the-clock use of facilities to comply with social distancing, organisations are struggling to provide quality, fresh, nutritional food and drinks 24/7.
Nutritionally, consumers are switched-on to the benefits of eating healthy, fresh foods, and left to their own devices, would go for deli-style bespoke bites to eat and coffee-shop standard brews. The perceived cost of providing this offering in the workplace is prohibitive – until now!


At Options Management we have developed the micro-market concept and have introduced the Micro-Market fresh food and deli coffee shop experience. This puts a high quality, fresh and delicious food range of over 200 lines and coffee shop standard hot beverages within easy reach of your workforce, at any time of the day or night.


Think of it as a bespoke company grocery store. You take your chosen foods (including special diet options such as gluten free) from the shelves and cabinets. Use a barista quality coffee machine or dispense hot water for high quality teas and herbal brews. Scan, pay, heat if necessary, and tuck in! This is a self-service open style kitchen, with a contactless payment kiosk. Monitored 24 hours a day via CCTV the application is intelligently managed by our team, who regularly replenish stock, keeping everything fresh.


The Micro Market offers your team so much more than a vending machine, without the costs and complexities of providing full, on-site catering facilities.
Discover how you can provide the revolutionary Refreshing Options 2 Go Micro Market, perfectly scalable to any working environment – office, factory, call centre, or warehouse – today, with a FREE on-site survey. Call us on 01782 629888.