Refreshed, refuelled and ready for action, whatever the season

It’s summertime and we are in the midst of a heatwave and have a workforce that needs constantly cooling down and refreshing. You’ll find the watercooler visits (and chats!) will increase, and cold drinks should be in stock or at least at the very top of your “to order” list right now.

Yes, there are differences in tastes and requirements governed by the seasons. People almost mark the progression through each year with their food and drink preferences. Think pumpkin spice lattes in autumn, hot chocolates and soups in winter and an ever-increasing flow of cold drinks dispense as we proceed through spring. We’ve noticed that a little more chocolate is consumed around Easter and Christmas too!

In contrast, there are your staple and stable vending machine lines too. However hot the weather, our grandparents swore a cup of tea would cool you down better than a fizzy pop. Our Italian friends (OK we will get over the Euro loss eventually) brought English tastes around to enjoy their morning cappuccinos all-day-round, and an espresso gives the brain an increased, short term, concentration of dopamine and a quick lift. Taken with a side order of ice-cold water, it’s an all-year-round refresher. And lets not forget all the snack lines too fresh fruit, chocolate bars, crisps etc consumed daily by our grab and go workforces.

Whatever they need, whenever they need it, whatever the season Options Management will manage your vending options. From water coolers to frothy coffee machines, bottled vending to snack machines. Whether the team are hot hot hot, or feeling the chill we can help you to keep them refreshed, refuelled and ready for action.

Discover how you can provide the options your team need, when they need it, perfectly suited to seasonal demands.

Winter, spring, summer or fall… all you gotta do is call!

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