Say Hi to Chai, our latest innovation

Collaboration is the name of our game here at Options Management, and – over our 30 year-long history – it’s where all the best innovations have begun. The basis of our business is a chat about coffee, a talk about tea, and a sip of forward thinking with suppliers and clients. We never stand still and are always working on the freshest vending ideas to satisfy ever-evolving tastes and trends.


Our latest collaboration has brought together two great drinks cultures, in two great drinks machines. Italy meets India. Say Hi to Royal Chai with our latest introduction – coffee and chai tea machines that serve both beverages.


Drinking chai is a staple of Indian culture and indicates good hospitality, encourages wellbeing, and offers comfort. Options chai range consists of four authentic flavour combinations, varying in strength and boldness of spice, you’ll find them milky, sweet and satisfying without being too calorific. Choose the iconic Masala blend, the delicate pink taste of Kerachi, cardamom rich Elaichi or the strong black tea, mild spice blend of Karak chai – all are available in an instant.


The table top Chai tea drinks machine, with its sleek looks and compact configuration can vend our favourite Lavazza based coffees alongside a choice of two (of the four) chai teas. Its table-top format is perfect for small shops, newsagents, wedding venues, cafes, bars and offices. Whereas our free-standing option can vend a choice of all four chai teas without any compromise on the wide range of Lavazza coffees and delicious hot chocolates vended in call centres, warehouses, factories, taxi offices, petrol stations, large receptions, colleges and universities.