A schools guide to buying cold drinks and ice pops

drinks and ice pops

As the temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter, schools across the country are gearing up for their annual sports days, end of year parties, proms and summer fayres. It is important we keep the students cool, hydrated, and energized. One way to achieve this is by providing a variety of cold drinks and ice pops.


What cold drinks and ice pops are available to schools?

Options Management stock a wide range of bottled, carton and cuplet drinks in a range of tantalising flavours. Well known drink brands such as Capri Sun, Radnor and OMJ are all in stock and available to bulk purchase with fast delivery.

A popular favourite to freeze are the Big Time cuplets available in cola, lemon & lime, orange, blackcurrant, and raspberry at only 30p a unit. Or choose the Mr Freeze ice pops in Tropical, Strawberry, Cola, Raspberry, Lemonade flavours at just 10p per unit!


Why buy school compliant drinks?

Schools often have guidelines and restrictions in place when it comes to the types of beverages and snacks that can be sold or provided to students. This is to promote healthy eating habits and ensure that students are not consuming excessive amounts of sugar or artificial additives.

Options management stock compliant cold drinks such as;

Water: The ultimate hydrating beverage, water should always be readily available to students during sports days.

100% fruit juice: Opt for juices that are free from added sugars and artificial flavours like Juice Burst.


How do I order drinks and ice pops for my school event?

Schools, catering managers or PTA’s can all order drinks and ice pops direct from Options Management by calling 01782 629888 or shopping online at  https://coffeeingredients.co.uk/. Secure fast payment with next day despatch and free delivery available*.

Be sure to follow us on social media for the latest offers and promotions https://www.facebook.com/OptionsMngmnt/

*Subject to minimum order and terms and conditions