Options CAN and DO recycle… cans, bottles, plastic and paper cups

There are Green Vending Options

We are a pretty Green Team at Options Management! With our long history in vending as providers of both machines and supplies, we stand up and take responsibility for minimising the waste our customers’ vending creates and reducing our carbon footprint along the way, too.


Sensible solution to pollution

Monitoring stock situations and culminating requirements into less deliveries reduces the energy we use to get your vending supplies to you. As does our new fleet of hybrid vehicles used to deliver your supplies and transport our engineers around the area.


Smart vending decisions with waste considered from the offset

When we advise on a new machine purchase, we take time to explain the environmental consequences of that decision. Providing energy use information and highlighting the in-built energy-saving features of the vending machines on offer. Wherever possible, we encourage the use of reusable cups, including our very own “Save a Cup” option, with machines that offer height adjustable delivery to accommodate different shapes and sizes of reusable cups.


A single source to stop single use cups going to landfill

When reusable cups just aren’t an option, we offer our bottle, can, paper and plastic cup collection and recycling service. We don’t just want to supply your vending machines and supplies, we take a holistic approach to the waste that results from their use. By providing recycling bins at the point of sale and collecting the waste using our hybrid fleet of vehicles, we’re your single source to stop single use cups going to landfill. The used cups are brought back to base, where we use our own baler to compress 600k cups into one bale. That’s the scale of our recycling efforts! Each bale is then forwarded for responsible recycling within the UK.


Based on vending waste reduction for decades

The waste that occurs as a result of the vending industry is now very much under scrutiny. Although at Options, we’ve been taking on the challenge and coming up with vending waste solutions for decades. Reducing vending waste is in our DNA, and we take responsibility to reduce, reuse and recycle at every opportunity. We pride ourselves on being the only vending company that offers a truly green recycle service. Our processes have won recognised awards for innovation and concept, including the ‘Auto Vending Award for Greenest Vending Company’ as far back as 2012. More recently, we’ve began an initiative to recycle Brita water filters, which not only reduces carbon footprint, but also builds money for a local charity too! Read about it here.


Don’t fail on your green commitments

When it comes to your corporate social responsibility and reducing the carbon footprint created by your vending, please don’t fail… let us supply, collect and bale your cups, cans and bottles.