Warm, tasty AND low calorie

Feeling hot, hot, hot
Brrrr, it’s been a cold old start to the year, and there’s nothing more soothing on a freezing day than a hot chocolate. No surprise then, that hot chocolate is in peak demand right now, and with our sugar-free, Skinny Options at only 47 calories a cup available in two delicious flavours – chocolate and toffee.


Supporting healthy options
Trust Options to count the calories and ensure that you have healthy, sugar-free hot drinks, that taste indulgent, vend instantly and never fail to satisfy your tastebuds. As we get 2022 underway, make sure you have plenty of hot drinks on hand to keep the students, workforce and visitors warm, and review your healthy eating provision. Offer plenty of fruit, low-fat and low-calorie snacks, and low-calorie cold drinks too. Speak to us about the healthy options to include in your vending machines and mini markets and check out our school-compliant ranges. You can count on Options to support healthy eating at your venue.


More than hot chocolate
Our Vitro S1 machine brings the best of both worlds – coffee and hot chocolate – together in one compact, counter-top machine that instantly vends Italy’s favourite coffee, Prontissimo! Enhanced by two flavours of Skinny Options hot chocolate, to provide frothy, freshly mixed high-quality drinks. It’s the perfect time to add this blend to your counter – make mine a Skinny Latte Prontissimo, please!


Oh no, no doubt about it
For a company who cares about keeping you, your workforce, your students and your visitors warm, well fed, well-watered, happy and healthy this year – Options Management are right here and ready to serve up great solutions, time after time.
There’s no such thing as a free drink eh? Well, ‘I believe in miracles’ and I do believe that we are offering schools a free hot chocolate trial day, so come on, be Prontissimo about booking your free trial!