Vending website refreshed and ready to serve up Options

We work hard to continually serve our clients with the freshest vending innovations, machines and ingredients. As we evolved our product lines and services, we just kept adding and adding info to our “old” website, which we now realise made it cumbersome to navigate and didn’t always show off our company, products, and services in the best light.

So, we have undertaken a mammoth project to refresh our online shop window and completely build a new website, from scratch. We’ve changed our colour palate and are now glowing with a warm, friendly orange colourway. Our products and services are now categorised making navigation simpler. The machine section details 34 various models from countertop fresh bean, fresh leaf and fresh milk hot drink options to free-standing reverse vending choices and iconic office water coolers. Don’t worry if the technical datasheets are not for you, with fast links to our social pages, live chat function and ‘build a quote’ facilities, we’re always on hand with our endless vending knowledge to guide you through the options. The new site makes full use of vending videos to show the machines in action, whipping up perfect brews, time after time and showing the simplicity of new technologies such as touch-free operation and drinks apps in action.

It’s been satisfying to present our full lineup of products including our latest Options 2 Go Micro Market and Options Grab 2 go Smart Fridge. Also, the process of presenting the company’s services beyond supply and installation and reflecting on what makes us special, our history, our commitment to the environment, recycling and the sectors we provide vending services to, has been really rewarding. We’ve had more than a few moments of pride in our achievements and of the great team behind the brand, as we’ve been looking back over 3 decades to compile information for the website.

Finally, the website is now active and just waiting for vending views. Take a look around, we hope that it smoothly, reliably and consistently offers up Options information, just as we smoothly, reliably and consistently provide services to our longstanding, new and prospective clients.

Thanks for visiting.