Whatever your work setting we’ve got the perfect-o coffee machine for you!

black coffee machine in orange heart

Coffee. You just can’t underestimate how important it is to people’s working day, and life! Drinking coffee is synonymous with taking a break, which we know is essential to working productively. At Options, we take coffee very seriously, and we know that making good coffee machine decisions, can transform the mood of the workforce. From frothy indulgent treats to energising shots, we’ve got the compact coffee machine range to delight all tastes, places, and pockets. Vitro are highly dependable compact counter-top coffee machines, blessed with stylish good looks, packed with professional performance and are totally intuitive to use.

Let’s look at why these three top-selling models would fit perfectly into your boardroom, reception, office or break-out areas.


Vitro S1 – set for free coffee fixes

This is a nifty little machine that needs no plumbing in, so it can be placed wherever is most convenient. A small reception, waiting room or office that’s not going to serve more than 60 cups per day is the ideal spot for an S1. It’s all set to serve great taste at an entry-level price and is a simple-to-use machine. Choose from bean-to-cup, or instant coffee setting. There’s no payment mechanism as standard, so this is a machine for those organisations who’re looking to provide free coffee fixes. The S1 can vend 8 choices of drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, latte and hot chocolate.


Vitro X1 MIA – fresh milk, for velvety froth

If you’re looking to dispense around 150 cups a day, of high pressure expresso-based coffees to a professional standard, with creamy fresh milk finishes, then the Vitro X1 MIA is for you. Provide a choice of 12 drinks including hot chocolate, and variable depth layers of hot or cold milk foam tops. The Vitro X1 MIA packs flawless, fresh bean quality into its petite proportions. Your workforce and visitors won’t got Missing In Action, dashing out for a coffee shop pick me up, when you have the X1 MIA on hand. Oh – and you can have a coin or contactless payment mechanism if you fancy turning your coffee steam into an income stream!


Vitro X3 Espresso – espresso-ly for you

When you’re looking to impress, it’s got to be the Vitro X3 Espresso for you. This compact fresh coffee bean unit dispenses ten drink choices with high volumes in mind, making it perfect for dealing with constant demand of 350 cups a day. The Vitro X3 is versatile – you can add a media screen for videos, and offer coin or contactless payment options.

Banish those insipid, beige, lukewarm brews and perk up the daily grind, with a Vitro coffee machine. Get in touch today and we’ll talk you through the Options, over a coffee, of course!