We’re looking for keen young beans – Vending Apprentice Engineers!

By the time most youngsters leave school, we bet they’ve used one of the UK’s 460k vending machines. In fact, education is one of the biggest sectors we serve! But we wonder if those young people have considered building a career in vending. If they’re curious, they might have wondered just what lies behind the fancy and tempting façade of a vending machine.

According to industry association AVA, vending in the UK accounts for a massive £1.5 billion turnover a year, and directly supports 15k jobs. Behind the 6 billion items that are vended every year, are machines with increasingly complex technology, electrics, and plumbing. Keeping those machines optimally operational every day, are a fantastic network of field engineers – and being one of those engineers, can be a fantastic career in a thriving industry.

Just think about your average day as an Apprentice Vending Engineer. You’d be spending time on the road and travelling nationwide to businesses and organisations where people are always happy to see you. They usually can’t wait to get the vending machine going again if it’s broken down, and love to see preventative servicing happening to make sure that they don’t get into that situation in the first place. You’d be working alongside our experienced engineers, some of whom have spent over 2 decades with Options Management, so that’s a lot of expertise to be handed on. Speaking of hands, you’d be working in a hands-on job and have the satisfaction of a job well done, every day. Oh, and you’d generally get a free cuppa or two as you made your way through the day too!

The skills required are varied. You’d be “front of house” and the face of the company, so you’d build great communication skills. Initial installations, breakdowns and services involve plumbing, electrical and mechanical engineering skills. Troubleshooting and persevering to fix things will become second nature, and as the machines become more technologically advanced, you’d find your IT skills would evolve too.

These are skills best learned on the job, and with one of the best and most forward-thinking vending companies around (that’s us – Options Management!). Becoming an Apprentice Engineer means you’d be earning while you’re learning, and working towards AVA, City and Guilds professional qualification. And that really is just the start. There are great opportunities for progression to Engineer, Senior Engineer and Regional Engineer. One day, we hope our Apprentices will be the ones mentoring future generations. Let’s face it, when our experienced engineers first started, everything was coin operated and now you can operate vending machines with a smartphone!

But first, we want to find those keen young beans, our future Apprentice Engineers, open their eyes to the opportunities available, and get them started on their engineering journey.

There’s a bright future ahead, in vending engineering.

If you, or anyone you know fits the bill, please get in touch, call us on 01782 629888.